Spilsby Historic Market Town in Lincolnshire

Spilsby Schools Archives

Grammar School 1829Archive material from King Edward VI Grammar School and the Franklin Secondary Modern School which closed in 1990 is now in the care of the Spilsby Grammar School Foundation Trustees. 

Over 200 photographs from both Schools are on the Spilsby Schools Archives website. Some of the photographs go back to 1885 in the case of the Grammar School.

The material includes:

• The Spilsbian
• Short History of King Edward VI Grammar School, Spilsby by Dr. Francis Walker and N. S. Allott
• Newpaper clippings


If any former pupils or friends have any photographs, items of interest, trophies etc. from either School, the Trustees would be grateful for a look of these - they thne be copied and added to the archive and the website. All items will then be returned.

Many photographs have no descritions.  

Spilsby Grammar School Foundation