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Old Bolingbroke Castle: Siege and Capture

In the 1600s, during the English Civil War, Old Bolingbroke Castle was manned by the Royalist Garrison who were loyal to King Charles.

The Castle was attacked by troops belonging to Oliver Cromwell and the Parliament's Eastern Association.

Royalist defendersParliamentarian cannonsParliamentarian  attack

On 1643 October 09, Major Knight called for the Royalist Garrison at Bolingbroke to surrender. The defenders refused; the Castle was surrounded. .

Lord Willoughby of Parham, his Dragoons and Companies of Lincolnshire men carried on the siege. For over a month the Royalists held out but on November 14, Bolingbroke Castle fell.

Parliamentarians march on BolingbrokeParliamentariansthe walls are climbed

Heritage Trust of LincolnshireThe Siege Group re-enacted the siege on 2001 August 25, 26 and 27.

The event was organised by the Heritage Trust of Lincolnshire - click here for website.

Old Bolingbroke