Spilsby Historic Market Town in Lincolnshire

Spilsby Railway Station

courtesy of Spilsby Library from the Badley CollectionThe Spilsby Branch Railway Line was four miles long and connected with the main King's Cross to Cleethorpes line at Firsby Junction.

This branch line from Firsby Junction was opened on 1868 May 01. It was operated by the Great Northen Railway who provided the rolling stock. It had one stop which was as Halton Holegate.

Early in 1920 the Spilsby engine was derailed so passengers had to be taken by road. When the locomotive was back on the tracks it managed to reach Firsby in eight and a half minutes instead of it's normal 13 minutes. Unfortunately, a few days later, it ran into the buffers at Firsby with passengers badly shaken. A 71 year old business man, Mr. Welch, died the following day from the delayed effects of the accident.

Passenger services ceased in 1939. Grain, potatoes, livestock and other agricultural products were among the regular produce transported out of Spilsby on the line. Petrol, parraffin and coal continued to come into Spilsby by rail up to its closure on 1958 November 30.

Railway Station by Clive Ironmonger

Site of Railway Station 1976 by Clive Ironmonger

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