Spilsby Historic Market Town in Lincolnshire

Lancaster Bomber Picture

picture of a Lancaster bomberThis picture of a Lancaster bomber has been kindly donated to the Spilsby and District History Society, by Mr. T. C. Rogers of Bexhill-on-Sea. The picture has been signed by members of the 207 air crew.

Mr. Rogers was posted to Spilsby in September of 1944 and joined "B" flight under the command of Wing Commander Black. Mr. Rogers' first operational sortie was to Bergan, (U Boat pens), on the 28th October. Twenty-six operations later he flew his final operation to Pilsen on the 16th April, 1945.


W. W. Wetherill
S. Beaver
J. K. Banfield
G. Moulton-Barrett
E. J. Roberts
T. Murray
M. A. Staves
K. Dobson
D. Williams
R. J. Edmonds
J. Parsons
P. Gurnell
H. Wynter
J. Pearl
P. Sells
M. Madigan
G. Mitchell
picture of a Lancaster bomberL. Johnson
J. A. Laing
F. R. Haslam
P. Valleley
N. Bury
R. W. Storey
A. Barfoot
R. Bowen D.
S. Seibel (Canada)
T. Rogers
A. J. Pegrum
W. McIntosh
J. Hoskins
A. White
W. Verralls

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