Spilsby Historic Market Town in Lincolnshire

Snipe Dales Country Park & Nature Reserve near Spilsby

Snipe Dales, on the southern edge of the Lincolnshire Wolds. It covers some 85 ha (210 acres).

The are two parts: the the Nature Reserve and the Country Park. Each have their own car park. Both owned by the County Council but managed on its behalf by the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust for Nature Conservation.

The Country Park is mainly coniferous woodland, mainly Corsican Pine with a few Scots Pine. However, there is also some Beech, with Alder, Hazel and Willow in the wetter areas. There are ponds in the centre which support water plants, frogs, toads and dragon flies. Within the country park is a toilet block, picnic areas and a specially constructed "easy access" path for the disabled. .

The Nature Reserve (120 acres) further to the west, consists of two valleys. The higher slopes are covered with rough grassland with some Oak and Ash. Lower down there is Bracken and Roesbay Willowherb. In the low areas there rushes and ferns among the streams.

Both the Nature Reserve and Country Park have a network of marked trails. Along the routes there are a number of information boards which explain in more detail some of the features that are to be seen.

Snipe Dales is also the start of two cycle trails promoted by the County Council.

Snipe Dales is on the A1115 between Spilsby and Horncastle, about two miles south of the junction with the A158.

Contact: The Warden, telephone 01 507 588 401.