Spilsby Historic Market Town in Lincolnshire

Spilsby Downunder in Australia - Austrailian Islands named after Lincolnshire Towns and Villages

Spilsby IslandIn 1802 John Franklin and his cousin Matthew Flinders were circumnavigating Australia. Off the South coast they came across a chain of small islands, around 20 in all, in the waters of Spencer Gulf.

These islands were previously uncharted and therefore unnamed. When it came to naming the islands the two explorers thoughts turned to home and they took inspiration from the area around Spilsby, John Franklin's birth place.

Collectively the islands were given the title of Sir Joseph Banks Group after the famous Botanist and naturalist Joseph Banks from Revesby, a few miles from Spilsby and so the largest island was named Revesby Island. The names of some of the other islands will also sound very familiar; Spilsby, Stickney, Hareby, Dalby, Langton, Kirkby, Partney, Lusby, Winceby and Roxby.

The names of Lincolnshire towns and villages were also used along the coastline of the main land to the west of the islands, Tumby Bay, Point Bolingbroke, Louth Bay and Louth Island, Boston Bay and further south Port Lincoln which is now a large and important town in the region.

The Islands are 12 nautical miles east of Tumby Bay and are now acknowledged as a unique and important conservation park and Marine Sanctuary, providing an unspoilt breeding ground for a large variety of sea birds, seals, fish and dolphins.

Mark Tong